How To Reduce WordPress Load Time | WickllerWhy should you reduce WordPress load time?

How long did you wait for this page to load ?
Lemme guess your reaction for each.
If the page loaded in
2seconds – You probably didn’t notice it loading.
4seconds – You noticed it loading.
6seconds – Load soon you fuck!?

So, what I’m trying to tell you is that we all are impatient and we are not ready to waste our time waiting for a page to load.
Loading | WickllerMainly, the initial impression is not created by the landing page; instead, it’s created by the load time of your site.

How to reduce WordPress website load time?

You wanna know how I reduced the load time of my website from 6 seconds to just 1.4 seconds ?

Well, It’s actually very easy.
You just need to know what is eating up your load time and you can do this by using an online tool Pingdom.
How To Reduce WordPress Load Time | PingdomThis tool will give you clear insights on your load time, page size, performance and also let you know, which content in your website is the fat ass.

Image Optimization

Will you believe me if I tell you, I was able to reduce my page size from 6mb to 1mb by just compressing the images and changing its screen resolution ?

Are you kidding me ?
No, I’m not!

Images and plugins affect the load time and size of your WordPress site the most. So, effectively handling them can make things more productive for you.

Photoshop or Illustrator or Format factory

  • Photoshop

    If you are using Photoshop, then you can optimize your images very effectively by reducing the quality of the image to an unnoticeable level.
    Just export the file from Photoshop through Save for Web by choosing the JPEG format at Medium or Low quality. Click here to know how it’s done.

  • Illustrator

    If you are using Illustrator, then you can export the vector image through Save for Web or through the normal Export with a screen resolution of 72ppi.

  • Format Factory

    If you wanna keep the process simple or if you don’t have ur hands on those software’s, then you can use this free software. Download it here.
    How To Reduce WordPress Load Time | Fomatfactory• Just drag and drop the image.
    • Choose the output format.
    • Then, Go to settings.
    • Choose your custom width and height.
    • Press ok and Press start

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What about Plugins ?

Plugins are the add-ons that give your WordPress site the ability to perform and present things way better. Check out my Top 10 must have WordPress plugins of 2016.
But, they also eat up a lot of your load time and knowing which plugin is the fat ass eating up your load time can help you to tackle the problem.
You can use the P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler to know which plugin is taking up the time to load or slowing your website down and later you can go ahead disabling it and adding a bit to the performance.

I scanned my website using P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler! and this is the result.
P3 - Plugin Performance ProfilerSo, hope you delete the unnecessary plugins eating up your load time and enhance the performance of your website to keep your users happy.

Hope I helped you in increasing the performance of your website.
If you have any suggestion, advice or request, then please do convey it through comments. Have a nice day 🙂

Sanju Joseph
He’s a 21yr old trying to pursue a career in Digital marketing. He started to share valuable information that he learnt and to help people build something valuable.
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