How to hide root from Android apps | wickllerAre you frustrated about not being able to use an app on your rooted Android phone?
Well, It’s mainly due to security issues as your phone is rooted.
All you have to do is hide root from the app.

How to hide Root from Android apps?

You can bypass the issue by just covering up or to be more precise “cloaking” your root. Here cloaking refers to hiding or covering up root from an app and making it believe that the phone is unrooted. But, this will not affect your apps that require root. It’s just gonna affect those apps that you add on the list of apps that you wanna hide the root from.

How to make unsupported apps run in Rooted phone?

  • First of all, you need to have Xposed framework installed.
    Wait! Wtf is Xposed framework?
    Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behaviour of the system and apps without touching any APKs. So, if you install the framework and make use of modules, you can extend the functions of your phone to perform tasks that you thought to be incompatible with your phone.
    – Download the Apk here
    – Make sure you have checked “Unknown sources” on your phone security.
    – Now, Install it and Activate it.
    How to hide root and make unsupported apps run in a Rooted phone
  • Install RootCloak.
    Now open the Xposed framework and go to the Download section – Search for the module “RootCloak”, Download and Install it. Once done, go to Module tab and check “Rootcloak” to Enable it and then Reboot your phone to Activate it.
    How to hide root and make unsupported apps run in a Rooted phone
  • Once your phone is done rebooting, you can start tweaking the app.
    By default, you will notice some apps already included on the list, along with those apps you can add your own list of apps from which you wanna hide your root.
    – Click on Add/Remove Apps, then tap the + icon in the upper right. This will show you all the apps on your device, and you need to choose the app that you wanna cloak.
    How to hide root and make unsupported apps run in a Rooted phone
  • Reboot your phone and Surprise!
    The app you thought wouldn’t work on your rooted phone would have started working.
    If not, may your soul rest in peace.
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