How to create WhatsApp Group Invite Link | WickllerWhatsapp is the most popular cross-platform mobile messaging app available at this point in time. One of the most popular features of WhatsApp which haunts everyone is the ability to literally create a group for anything and everything.

I’m pretty sure, We all have that friend who keeps adding us to groups of all kinds and an Asshole admin who keeps acting like shit.
There’s a group in WhatsApp for all purpose and without a group, the job seems to remain incomplete. But, most of us are annoyed by this and this might be the reason for this feature – Whatsapp group invite link to be introduced so that we can choose for ourselves if we wanna join the group or not. Long live WhatsApp!

How to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link.

  • Firstly, Uninstall your Default WhatsApp Completely and Clear all data.
  • Download WhatsApp Prime from Here.
  • Now, Install Prime and Complete the verification process as usual.
  • Once done. Open any Group and Click on Info option.
  • Then, Click on Add member and You will find the option Invite group via link.
    Invite Link will look like this:
  • Done. You have just created your Whatsapp group invite link.
  • Now, Just randomly share the link to everyone you wanna add in the group. The link will not work outside WhatsApp.
  • If they are interested, then they will click on the link and be added to the group in 5 minutes.

Remember to share the link only with people you wanna add to a group because People will automatically be added to the group as soon as they click on the link. So, don’t get yourself shitted. This link will only work on Whatsapp and it will not open up if you share it on any other app.
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